A History of Linen

Linen is a natural fibre, made from the stems of the flax plant.

Plain, cool, natural, long-lasting and elegant, linen was the most frequently used material after cotton in weaving in ancient times. According to the Egyptians, the God Isis was the founder of weaving and invented linen in order to wrap the body of his wife Osiris.

In this era, linen cloths from Babylon were considered excellent.

How to choose your Duvet according to Tog rating ...


Tog rating is a measure of warmth of a Duvet and is determined by placing the Duvet onto a surface over a heated plate ( to mimic body heat ) and the amount of heat that escapes from the duvet during this process is measured.
The warmth of a duvet is therefore directly related to the amount of air that the filling traps, as the air serves as an insulator that assist in keeping the body warm. Keep in mind that the casing will also trap a small amount of air and in effect heat.

The big Pillow fight...How to choose and distinguish between filling types & more.

Good morning good morning. Today I’d like to talk to you about a question that we are often asked in the hospitality industry as well as the private sector. This question is, "What are the different types of pillows one gets and how do they compare to each other, and of course, which is the best to buy." The summary below contains the variety of pillows that we here at Linen Drawer generally supply to the hospitality industry (Please note this information applies specifically to our products):