Mohair ... The Noble Fibre


Does Mohair scratch?
Some yarns are just “pokier” than others, making itchy items, however, when the mohair is nicely contained within the blend it is quite soft.

Are Mohair Products made in South Africa?
The Hinterveld Range of products are 100% South African made and available in various exciting colours. These blankets and Throws are ideal to keep you warm in the cold months ahead, and are also very decorative.

Why Egyptian Cotton? Heard that rumour about Egyptian Cotton bedding? Is it true?

Should I buy Egyptian cotton linen or a good 200T/C percale?

Now, if we’re honest, most of us have at some point in our lives been confronted with the ‘facts’ around Egyptian Cotton and wondered about how this compares to normal Upland cotton as it is referred to in the industry. You may have read up about the choices too, but did you really understand what it’s about? Is there merit in all the fuss? Lets see...