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10 April 2012

The term Percale

Posted in General Information, Bed Linen

Hello All, hope you’re easter was blessed and restfull. We’re looking at the term ‘Percale’ today…….

What does this mean?  Well, it comes from the word “Pargalah” which is Persian for the word “rag.” Yes indeed, though you’re probably thinking that we can’t connect this to such beautiful fabric. During the 17 th & 18th Century in France the word percale was used to descride a cotton fabric. (We’re getting closer).

Today, the meaning refers to: “A closely woven fabric that is often used for bed linen”.

It litterally describes the weave of the fabric. Which means that the percale could be either a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester or 100% cotton. A percale weave you will find is normally a much tighter weave and can be finished with either a print or be unprinted.

The industry today uses thread count as a measure of threads per square inch. In other words, they take the threads in the length (warp) and the number of threads in the width (weft) in an inch, adding them together to get to the final thread count.

So a 200T/C fabric could have for instance a 90 thread count in the warp and 110 thread count in the weft, making it a 200T/C (per square inch). The final product will all depend on the amount of threads and the weaving process. We’ll chat about these weaving processes in general tomorrow.

Have a good one!