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02 May 2012

Struggling with Stubborn Stains? Solve and dissolve! (Cat urine)

Posted in Stain removal

Hello everyone,

catswe recently had an enquiry about how one would remove cat urine (stain & odour) from a duvet inner.

Our initial recommendation was that the person first needed to check whether their duvet could indeed be washed as this would effect treatment. We then suggested that they use 1 cup washing soda (or soda ash) in warm water to soak the affected area, for about 20-30 minutes. We recommended that should the smell remain, they could soak (or wash) it in a solution of half vinegar and half water, washing it in normal detergent afterwards.

The client did some more research on their side and found another recommendation on the internet and then applied it with the following results: ”I washed it twice on the “gentle/woollen”  program of my washing machine – once with vinegar and the next time with washing powder. The stain and the odour have gone – it did take a couple of days to dry in this cooler weather.
I also tumble dried it (once it was just about air dried) just to ensure there was no residual dampness.” This is a great example of how simple it is to get rid of ‘tough’ stains. We learn every day and would love to hear from you on stains that you struggle with or have found solutions to so that we may share it with everyone.
Don’t let those stubborn stains beat you!! Solve and dissolve!!