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28 August 2017

Put a spring in your step

Posted in Decor and Style

 Put a spring in

By Camilla Swart

September in the Southern Hemisphere is all about spring. Spring is in the air. Sometimes it is a chilly spring, and our optimism about summer’s arrival is quenched by rain showers and snow.

How to welcome spring into your home?  Easy, have a look at your mattress! We have all seen mattress advertisements of the gazelle-like leaps out of bed. Incredibly these can become reality with a few basic checks. 

We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping or in bed.  It makes sense that the comfort we experience here impacts on all aspects of our lives.  If you think you need a new mattress because you wake up bent double and in pain, have a look at the following:

When last was your mattress turned and aired?  Do you need a mattress-topper to improve the sleeping comfort of your mattress?  Do you sit on your mattress when dressing?  What does your bed base/frame look like?  Who is jumping on your mattress?

Your decision to purchase a new mattress depends on your answers to the above. Should you look at a new mattress purchase consider the following:

Bed frames – height and design will be dictated by your décor scheme and personal preference. As your mattress lies on the base, it needs to ‘work’ with your mattress and not hamper the comfort you should experience.

Mattress – for a couple the recommended mattress is often a high-quality pocket sprung mattress, as it is beneficial to both sleepers.  For those suffering from allergies a memory foam mattress is suggested as it offers comfort and is made from materials which are less irritating to sensitive individuals. Memory foam mattress also benefit those who suffer from joint pain.

There are other choices of mattress, of course – like futons, air and waterbeds in which air and water respectively provide the support.  Adjustable beds with their specialised mattresses are also an option and provide comfortable sleep options.

At Linen Drawer, we specialise in ‘dressing’ your mattress – whatever your choice!  We recommend pure cotton or linen bedding, and can custom make to fit any type of mattress you choose.  Our motto is ‘comfort and style’ and we stand by that.  We would like you to make the best choices for your sleeping comfort to ensure that the spring in your step remains there – throughout all the seasons!