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26 April 2012

Laundry wash day blues…

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Hello All, here are a few tips to help you get over your wash day blues…linen drawer

  1. A very good idea is to invest in a laundry sorter as this makes keeping clothes, towels, bedding and even stained items separated a blast.  By sorting-as-you-go, you save a lot of time and energy and when you see a full compartment in your hamper, its simple to throw in a load and wash away.
  1. Get into a routine: Having a routine for doing laundry takes the ‘pain’ out of it. You could perhaps throw in a load every morning when you wake up and start getting ready for work, transfering it to the dryer after you’ve done everything. Or possibly throw in a load at dinner and fold it during T.V. time. The idea is to work it into your routine and find what workd best.  A new habit can be learnt in a few days (some say set in 21), so give it a try and get rid of that dread you feel in your gut. Make it fun and include your kids by making sorting a game.

The aim is to make this part of our daily lives more fun and enjoyable. Have a wonderful day and more to follow soon!