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04 May 2012

Keeping Towels White and Clean

Posted in Bathroom

Who of us haven’t at one stage thought that we would go mad because our towels weren’t getting clean or in case of white towels weren’t staying white. This is a common challenge not only in the hospitality industry, but also in most households. Here at Linen Drawer we have fast experience in these areas yet we still learn every day and this was something that we recently revisited and learnt more about.

linenWhat most of us forget is that towels are one of the most intimate fabrics that we are in contact with daily. This is why recent studies have shown that towels need to be laundered regularly at washing temperatures of at least 70 degrees celcius for 3 minutes to ensure that all bacteria is killed. (Tests are still being conducted around the world to possibly put this at 90 degrees, but we’ll wait and see.)  This will also ensure that towels stay white longer. In case of dyed towels, please check care labels and be aware that the colours might fade over time or even quicker in some cases as some dye stuffs are affected by temperature.

In summer seasons or when possible, hang towels outside as the sun energy is for free and also helps sterilize the towels through the UV rays. To keep your towels fluffy, hang them out until almost dry and then pop in the tumble drier for no longer than 10 min. Please don’t use staysoft as this affects the absorbency of the towels and forms a build up layer on the towel and in your machines. Also be careful not to over dry your towels as this will cause the towels to deteriorate more quickly and it will start feeling like card board to put it harshly. Most of us (if we’re honest) will admit that we have forgotten towels in the dryer or on the line and had “toasty” towels left.

In case greying is still a problem (not only for towels but linen as well) check whether your rinse cycle on the washing machine is long enough, because it has been found that if detergents aren’t rinsed out proparly, in time it leads to greying in some cases. In some instances the detergents  used don’t disolve in certain temperatures and thus leads to stains or greying occuring.

Remember that you can do one cold, one hot at home to help manage electricity bills. It’s all about managing time and effort and knowledge to get the best results. So as mentioned in previous blogs, find your routine and method to support the knowledge shared above. Please let us know whether you have found other ways to handle towels or any input or ideas. We learn every day and would love to hear your thoughts. Have a great weekend all! And keep those towels clean and fresh!!