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09 May 2012

Great Designs and Embroidery

Posted in Bed Linen

Hello everyone, this is an example of our Designer Range Latitude with a Crown embroidery design.

Something to always keep in mind when considering embroidery is whether firstly, digitising of your design is possible and what the costs involved would be then.


Secondly, you must look at your design very critically, especially when considering the placement of your embroidery. This is very important especially on pillowcases, as positioning can influence sleep if the design is placed where your head goes.

Then the appropriate size must be determined for the item to be embroidered, as the size on a pillow case will differ to the size on a duvet cover for instance. Also keep in mind that a good quality thread is key along with great precision and skill to ensure that the final product is neat and secure. For more info on embroidery, let me know.

Hope you have a fun and great day!