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23 April 2012

Egyptian Cotton Fibres versus other Cotton Fibres

Posted in General Information

How many of us have wondered about the different types of cotton available? Well, today we take a look at 2 very specific and well known types of cotton namely Egyptian Cotton and Upland Cotton. In the Textile industry, it is generally indicated that Egyptian cotton fibres are better fibres than for instance Upland Cotton fibres. Another name for Egyptian Cotton is Pima cotton with the botanical name being Gossypium Barbadense also known as Sea Island Cotton. It is grown near the coast of Barbados in South America  and in Egypt.

Egyptian Cotton in general has superior strength and superior average fibre length in comparison to Upland cotton, resulting in (should result in) higher yarn strength and therefore higher strength in fabric leading to higher durability and longer life-span. There are however other factors that will affect the strength of either of these types of cotton for example: The fibre and yarn production processes along with how well these are controlled will greatly affect the final strength and durability of the fabric. We looked at these processes previously. Probably the most effective final measurement of how successful the manufacturing process (in all parts) have been controlled is the Tensile strength test of the finished fabric.  Below, a picture of our 600T/C Cotton percale sheets. Notice the beautiful sheen.(result of the sateen weave type). Hope this helps you understand a bit more on the technical side. Will have more fun facts soon!

600TC Sheet