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25 June 2012

Clothes or Linen Stains

Posted in Stain removal

Good morning everyone, hope you had a fabulous weekend. It’s that time of year in SA when a lot of us start looking at bronzing creams or sprays or,  perhaps in other parts of the world your looking at sunscreens.

If you are, please take a look at the ingredients and if there is any Iron oxide type ingredients mentioned, make sure that you shower or bath before you wear your clothes or lie down on the bed. The iron oxide particles could cause yellow/ orange stains.EEEEEEEK we don’t want that, as it’s really tough to remove if possible as well.

This is what iron stains look like on a bath tub. So we don’t want that on our clothes or linen right.  Some parts of the world have very iron rich water as well and this is what causes the staining to occur. We have found that in certain cases through the use of normal detergent and oxalic acid (used very carefully and as per instructions for safety) the stains are removed. In lighter cases, we have been successful with normal washing detergent and a product called oxi-brite. Companies are using it in alot of products these days, even some shower gels etc.

As they say though, prevention is better than cure, so keep this in mind when you use products.  Be aware and read what you are using without paranoia. Lol.  Let me know if anyone has questions or added thoughts.