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19 June 2012

Beds Galore

Posted in Decor and Style

Hi everyone, hope all’s well. We’ve had a launch recently and I got to thinking. You can do so much with bedding and lighting and stunning decorating accessories and more.

Then I saw these pics and realised that you could still make use of all these aspects by building it around a focal point. And why not make that something different.

These pictures show that you can really go wild and that pretty much anything is possible. A few things to keep in mind though is that you must ensure that your back and body will still get enough support and that the mattress is comfortable and durable. Depending on the space you have, you can really work with a lot of ideas.

The photo on the right shows a bed that can easily be packaged and moved. Keep in mind that the design you choose could either limit you or give you endless options. So do a lot of research, as this is a decision that you could live with for a while. Have fun and let’s all start thinking outside the box.