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16 May 2012

A Good Nights’ Sleep

Posted in Decor and Style, General Information

linenHi everyone,

we all know that a good nights sleep depends on a lot more than having great cotton bedding.

Many people suggest (and some studies have proven) that a routine before sleeping helps you get the most effective rest. 

(I’ve tried this and there seems to be merrit in it, each to their own of course).

Other things to consider are the type of mattress you use. There are many options such as coil sprung, pocket sprung, japanese beds, memory foam mattresses, orthopedic, beds with bases or without, futons and many many more.

Of course, it has also been recommended that one shouldn’t have any electrical appliances in your room as this could disturb your sleep. The TV and cellphones it has been found can  interupt deep sleep at times. Look into using seperate alarm clocks (not your phone) for instance.

linenOther aspects that could impact on your sleep and rest are for instance the colour scheme in your room. If it is very cluttered in your bedroom this could also impact negatively.

Having the right lighting also plays a part as this helps to create atmopshere. The main thing is that your bedroom is your haven away from the crazy world outside where you can relax and be yourself.

So make it as comfortable and best suited to your needs that will help ensure a great nights sleep.

Any inputs of thoughts welcome!