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27 May 2019


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By Camilla Swart

In the age we live in, courage seems a slightly old-fashioned virtue. Courage requires you to acknowledge the risks and perils, your own weakness or inability, yet to persevere despite everything against you. 

Raising a child, being a father, requires large dollops of courage, blind faith and nerves of steel. It was Barack Obama who said “Any fool can have a child. That doesn’t make you a father. It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father”. As a second-hand observer of fatherhood, that seems absolutely true!

28 August 2015

What are the best beach towels made from?

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What are the best beach towels made from?

Summer is almost upon us and shortly the beautiful beaches around our country are going to be covered with people enjoying the sunshine,
lying on their favourite beach towel.

What are the best beach towels made from and what makes them the best ……

20 August 2015

Looking for those perfect towels?

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Looking for those perfect towels?

Soaking in a steaming hot bath after a long day is simply impossible to beat. However, getting out of the bath and drying off with a quality, soft, absorbent bath sheet is the cherry on top...

Why not experience this pleasure every time you step out of a bath or shower?

Linen Drawer sell only top quality towels in a range of weights, from our 440g/sq.m to our luxurious 625g/sq.m Luxury 10 Year towels

09 February 2015

February. . . The Month of Love

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February is the month of love… Valentine’s Day is on Saturday 14 February and while there are many ways to celebrate this special day,
from supper out or time spent together with your partner,
to receiving / giving gifts that “express how you feel” for that special person in your life.
Gifts range from an exquisite single red rose to the car of your dreams…and much in between.

We have a great product that might be the perfect, unique gift for you and your partner..
So why not spoil each other this Valentine’s Day with matching Egyptian Cotton Gowns...?

Egyptian Cotton Bath Robe for him and her:
These gowns are manufactured by Linen Drawer from brilliant white,
 sateen weave, pure combed Egyptian cotton in a 400 thread count percale construction.
The gowns are luxurious! The fabric has a smooth satiny surface and a soft fabric drape that is inviting to the touch.
Manicure length sleeves (3/4 length), perfect for men and women and available in S, M, L & XL. 

These products are manufactured in South Africa by Linen Drawer from top quality pure Egyptian cotton fabric.
Indulge your senses. Buy your pure cotton bathrobe today! 

19 January 2015

Why we are mad about Bamboo Towels...

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In addition to being made from our eco-efficient friend bamboo,
soft and silky bamboo towels carry several benefits that make them more superior
(in our humble opinion) to cotton towels. In addition to being a green raw material,
bamboo makes soft and luxurious bath and kitchen towels.
If you’re even considering making the swap to bamboo towels,
just glance at the list below and you’ll be completely convinced.

Soft & Silky:

Bamboo fabric is an incredibly soft and silky material, often compared to cashmere or silk.
Towels made from bamboo viscose have an incredibly soft texture,
making them ideal for drying off after a bath or shower!
Protect your sensitive skin with a plush bamboo towel instead of using one made of scratchy cotton.


It is relatively well known that bamboo is a hypoallergenic material that is able to resist mold,
mildew, and even pests. Chemicals and pesticides are not needed to help it grow,
so the resulting fabric doesn’t contain the harsh toxins that often irritate the skin.
As a plant-based material, it does not carry lanolin, which is one of the main reasons individuals have allergic reactions to towels,
sheets, and clothing. These qualities make bamboo towels a great choice for babies, as well as those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Anti - Bacterial:

These claims go back and forth, and studies are still in the works,
but reports have shown that 100% bamboo sheets and towels retain the anti-bacterial qualities of the live bamboo plant.
Towels are known to be a hothouse for bacteria, mold, and mildew,
so an ideal solution would be to create a material that rejects those very pathogens and allergens,
which is precisely what you get with bamboo towels!

Highly Absorbent:

This may be the best feature of bamboo towels to date.
In addition to being plush and comfortable, the soft material is highly absorbent!
It’s frustrating to pick up a towel to find it still damp from yesterday’s shower,
but with bamboo towels, that is no longer a problem. The high absorbency means it takes a whole lotta water to make it feel damp.
Additionally, bamboo fiber retains the moisture-wicking properties of the plant in nature,
meaning your towel is always dry and ready for you.

Thermo - Regulating:

Bamboo is known for its ability to grow in a wide variety of climates,
partially due to its temperature adaptability. Fortunately, this quality is retained in the fabric,
making the bamboo towels and robes capable of adapting to the temperature of your bathroom,
keeping you comfortably warm or cool any time of the year.


Most naturally renewable textile materials are biodegradable,
but towels and linens are often blended with synthetic fabrics,
which sit in a landfill. Bamboo towels are great for the environment
because they are completely biodegradable at the end of their domestic lives.
The cellulose fibers will naturally decompose when exposed to sunlight,
and 100% bamboo towels can actually be composted to disintegrate completely into the earth.

Resistant to Pilling:

There’s nothing like pulling out your favorite soft and plush towel to instead find a shadow of its former glory.
Fortunately, bamboo towels are more resistant to pilling than their cotton counterparts, and retain their plush comfort longer.
Bamboo towels are great for the bathroom, but are just as good for the kitchen.
With their highly absorbent, yet quick-drying capabilities, you can dry dishes or clean up a spill lickity split!
Additionally, the anti-microbial qualities are great to have in the kitchen.
You can replace your disposable paper towels with reusable bamboo dish towels to reduce your carbon footprint on this planet we all call home.


12 January 2015

History of Bamboo Bath Towels

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How bath towels originated and more recently bamboo bath towels?

Towels that we all use were actually first woven in modern day Bursa, Turkey in the 18th century.
These towels were hand woven, making a minimum of only 3-4 towels per day.
After the Industrial Revolution towels became a lot less expensive to produce and today
Turkey has an annual production of about 100 000 tons.

In more recent years hand loomed Real Bamboo and Organic Cotton Towels are being produced and they are the ultimate in luxury.
Bamboo fabric is highly absorbent, naturally antibacterial and luxuriously soft, dries faster than cotton.


11 November 2014

Egyptian Cotton Bath Robes in 400 Thread count.

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These gowns are manufactured from brilliant white, sateen weave, pure combed Egyptian cotton. The gowns are luxurious!
The fabric has a smooth satiny surface and a soft fabric drape that is inviting to the touch. Manicure length sleeves (3/4 length),
perfect for men and women available in S, M, L & XL.

Add a satin stitch trim in Silver grey, Muted gold, Taupe, Duck Egg, Black or Navy
(the satin stitch trim goes all around the border of the gown from the one side of the hem up around the neck and down the other side to the other hem).
These products are manufactured in South Africa by Linen Drawer from top quality pure Egyptian cotton fabric.
Indulge your senses. Buy your pure cotton bathrobe today! Once you have it on, you may not want to take it off!

Cotton is a pure, natural fabric! Cool in summer and warm in winter. It is long lasting and supremely comfortable. It also does not pill
(make little balls on the surface of the fabric).

25 September 2014

Duck Egg Blue Towels

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Mix and Match your Bed & Bath linen...

Add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom with these top quality, great value towels from our great value range of essentials bed and bath items.
In Duck Egg Blue (called Aqua-fur Blue on our website), these Towels are super-absorbent, quick drying and incredibly soft to the touch.

This range of towels is produced by Glodina (South Africa) from pure cotton and are referred to by the manufacturer as "A luxury 10 year towel."
They weigh 625g/sq.m and are thick, soft and thirsty. They are not snag proof, but are ultra durable and would be ideal in the most upmarket bathroom,
be that in your home or in a luxury top end hotel.



04 May 2012

Keeping Towels White and Clean

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Who of us haven’t at one stage thought that we would go mad because our towels weren’t getting clean or in case of white towels weren’t staying white. This is a common challenge not only in the hospitality industry, but also in most households. Here at Linen Drawer we have fast experience in these areas yet we still learn every day and this was something that we recently revisited and learnt more about.