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Stain removal

18 December 2017


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By Camilla Swart

make-up stain make-up stainmake-up stain

At Linen Drawer we hear all the woes of laundry day – red wine, blood, sunblock, and the dreaded make-up stains!  Of course, as a host it is impossible to forbid guests to wear make-up, but these stains do seem to be tougher than most to eradicate from bed linen and towels.

20 November 2016


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02 November 2012

Stains – Fatty or Coloured…or worse….both.

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All of us have struggled with stains at some point in our lives. Whether it is in a restaurant, guesthouse or hotel or at home with clothes and more. There is nothing worse than sitting with a stain and not knowing what to do.

25 June 2012

Clothes or Linen Stains

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Good morning everyone, hope you had a fabulous weekend. It’s that time of year in SA when a lot of us start looking at bronzing creams or sprays or,  perhaps in other parts of the world your looking at sunscreens.

If you are, please take a look at the ingredients and if there is any Iron oxide type ingredients mentioned, make sure that you shower or bath before you wear your clothes or lie down on the bed. The iron oxide particles could cause yellow/ orange stains.EEEEEEEK we don’t want that, as it’s really tough to remove if possible as well.

02 May 2012

Struggling with Stubborn Stains? Solve and dissolve! (Cat urine)

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Hello everyone,

catswe recently had an enquiry about how one would remove cat urine (stain & odour) from a duvet inner.

Our initial recommendation was that the person first needed to check whether their duvet could indeed be washed as this would effect treatment. We then suggested that they use 1 cup washing soda (or soda ash) in warm water to soak the affected area, for about 20-30 minutes. We recommended that should the smell remain, they could soak (or wash) it in a solution of half vinegar and half water, washing it in normal detergent afterwards.