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18 December 2017


Posted in Mattress and Pillow Protectors

By Camilla Swart

Mattress and Pillow protectors Mattress and Pillow protectors

How often do you take a good look at the mattresses and pillows in your home? Chances are… not very often. Did you know that clean fresh pillows and mattresses contribute significantly to sleep comfort?

At Linen Drawer we are committed to helping you select pillow and mattress protectors that work for you. The small cost of protectors for pillows and mattresses is far outweighed by their benefits.

18 December 2017


Posted in Stain removal

By Camilla Swart

make-up stain make-up stainmake-up stain

At Linen Drawer we hear all the woes of laundry day – red wine, blood, sunblock, and the dreaded make-up stains!  Of course, as a host it is impossible to forbid guests to wear make-up, but these stains do seem to be tougher than most to eradicate from bed linen and towels.

06 December 2017

Thank you for everything

Posted in Decor and Style

I look forward to writing this blog every year.  This is where the team from Linen Drawer express our sincere gratitude towards our clients, suppliers and co-workers.

Gratefulness has been proven to have physical benefits as well as the more obvious mental and spiritual benefits. 

Showing and experiencing gratitude is good for you.

Recent research has shown that people who express more gratitude have fewer aches and pains, better sleep and stronger mental clarity.

15 November 2017

Specially For You

Posted in Decor and Style

Linen Drawer would like to spoil you this year over Christmas.  We would like to make your gift shopping easy peasy!  Have a look at the wonderful services we offer in customising gifts for you.

A special gift says “I care” when it has been personalised with embroidery, satin stitch or hemstitching.  Popular gift options are monogrammed pillowcases, towels, and bedding.  We can match the colour of the monogram with a beautiful row of satin stitching. Embroidered laundry bags are very popular and can have lovely designs added to make them a personal and special gift.

15 November 2017

Christmas Joy

Posted in Decor and Style

It is easy to become totally silly when speaking about Christmas. There is so much joy and anticipation associated with the festive season that I need to focus my mind on the sensible to get the best out of this joyous season.

15 November 2017

Scatter Style Around

Posted in Decor and Style


Changing the style and colour scheme of your home is difficult if you don’t have the time and the budget to invest in such an exercise.  How often we wish for a magic wand to freshen and brighten our sitting rooms, bedrooms and other living areas.

28 September 2017

Soulful Shades

Posted in Decor and Style

By Camilla Swart

How would you choose colours for new products?  The array of tones and shades is mind boggling and predicting what will be suitable for bed linen is a daunting task.  Well, at Linen Drawer we aren’t easily daunted and, deciding to add colour to our range of Egyptian cotton percale, we set about making the choice in a methodical and analytical manner.

Trends identified were Plants/Nature, Nautical/Sea, Opulence, New Nostalgia and Traditions Reworked.  Colours associated with these were varied but the emphasis throughout was on deep natural colours. The inspiration was taken from the plants, water, stones, minerals and animals that surround us.

28 August 2017

Put a spring in your step

Posted in Decor and Style

 Put a spring in

By Camilla Swart

September in the Southern Hemisphere is all about spring. Spring is in the air. Sometimes it is a chilly spring, and our optimism about summer’s arrival is quenched by rain showers and snow.

How to welcome spring into your home?  Easy, have a look at your mattress! We have all seen mattress advertisements of the gazelle-like leaps out of bed. Incredibly these can become reality with a few basic checks. 

27 August 2017

Welcoming Johannesburg

Posted in Decor and Style

By Camilla Swart

We set off early on Sunday 6 August on our journey to Decorex Johannesburg 2017.  A very long drive lay ahead – symbolic of our journey to Decorex exhibiting in total.  Fortunately, no murders were committed and no speed fines incurred in the course of the drive, and soon we were concentrating on our Tom-Tom’s directions to the apartment we had rented.

The two days that preceded the opening of the exhibition at Gallagher Convention centre were frantic.  There was much Gautrain’ing, Uber’ing and shopping.  Hard work and amazing co-operation from our agents and furniture suppliers characterised these pre-show days.  The absolute dedication from Johann and Ernie du Toit, Ronel Currin and the teams from Blockhouse, Ultimate Mattress, Persepolis and Incanda who helped us set up the stand.  The result was FABULOUS!  Our products were showcased beautifully and the stand at Decorex drew very favourable comments and many compliments.


01 August 2017

Decorex - Our Journey to Johannesburg

Posted in Decor and Style

 By Camilla Swart

My to-do lists have been made since we exhibited at the Cape Town Decorex show, but I think that this is going to be a very different experience from the Cape Town exhibition. We had follow up, post-mortem and strategy meetings in order to clear our minds and prepare for the Johannesburg Decorex show.

Decorex will be held at the Gallagher Convention centre and stretches across many halls. The Linen Drawer stand is in Hall 5 and we are in stand L24. It is a corner stand so we are not easy to miss. 

28 July 2017

Longer Nights & Shorter Days

Posted in General Information

Winter used to be a time of hardship and suffering, characterised by starvation and death. Fortunately, that is no longer the case, and enjoying the winter months is a very real option for many of us.  With this in mind, may I make a few suggestions for filling the rather short winter days and long evenings?

28 June 2017

Midwinter Celebrations

Posted in Tabling

By Camilla Swart

MIDWINTER - A time of the solstice – the longest night and shortest day.  A time when the rhythm of time and days is subtly slowed and altered.  A time of sharing and feasting. A celebration of the solstice as the days lengthen from then onwards.  A time for connecting with our loved ones and families in celebration of life and living. A time of quiet reflection and the promise of future growth.

07 June 2017

As Snug as a June Bug

Posted in General Information

By Camilla Swart

June in South Africa is a month marked by Youth Day and Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is an opportunity for us to honour the dedication and love that our fathers have shown us.  Fatherhood does not necessarily have to be biological, and many of my friends have benefitted from having a wonderful ‘father’ in their lives.

Actually the month of June is named after the Roman goddess Juno.  She was a very important deity and was the patroness of marriage, partnerships, protector of the state and wise counsellor.

11 May 2017

Greenery - More than just a colour?

Posted in General Information

By Camilla Swart

Decorating with green. The month of May is usually not one we South Africans associate with the colour green.  In the Western Cape it is autumn, and often cloudy with rain and wind. Inland the first frosty mornings, with leaves turning shades of reds and browns, announce that winter is on its way.



07 May 2017

Snuggle up this Winter

Posted in Your Comfort

By Camilla Swart

Winter chills are here to stay for the next few months.  Whether they are a result of the rain and snow, or freezing frost and icy winds, they are not to be taken lightly.  At Linen Drawer we can help to ward off the cold with our range of soft, snuggly blankets, throws and bedding.

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