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Customised Linen

Linen Drawer sells our beautiful bed, bath and table linen and accessories to the public. The mainstay of our business however, is providing these products to the hospitality and décor industries throughout South and Southern Africa. We offer our quality products to legitimate decorating establishments in South Africa at trade prices. Should you or your clients require bed, bath or table linen or virtually anything for bedrooms and bathrooms…at competitive prices, we are able to supply them to you at TRADE prices. Please contact us today.

Call us on 021 8720108, email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact your local Linen Drawer trade agent …..TODAY!

We have recognised the importance of the Décor Industry in the global economy and of course in our local economy in Africa.As a Designer or Decorator your focus is to ensure that you provide your clients with a décor solution for their homes and businesses and we are the ideal partner to be able to assist and guide you to achieve your goals.Our vision is to provide the ultimate in luxurious sleeping, bathing and dining comfort to enrich lives globally.Our company and manufacturing operation is based in Paarl and we have been supplying the Décor industry since inception in 2004.Our Mission is to provide high quality, comfortable and stylish household textiles to our customers globally through an innovative, ethical, inspired and world-leading organisation and to educate our customers on the benefits and care of our products.

We know how important sleeping comfort is to your clients:

•    According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Bedroom Research (April 2012) results show that respondents believe that elements of the bedroom environment do affect their sleep. Many people believe clean, neat, and comfortable elements of the bedroom environment are important to getting a good night’s sleep.Respondents rated elements of comfort in their bedroom as having the greatest impact on their sleep, particularly comfort of their mattress (93%) and pillows (91%), the feel of the sheets and bedding (85%), sleeping on sheets with a fresh scent (78%), a quiet (74%) and dark room (73%), temperature (69%), and fresh air free of allergens (63%).•    In subjects sleeping an average of 7 hours a night, average sleep quality was better related to health, affect balance, satisfaction with life, and feelings of tension, depression, anger, fatigue, and confusion than average sleep quantity - June J. Pilcher, Ph.D (Department of Psychology, Bradley University, Peoria, IL 61625, USA.)With our expertise in the industry we are able to provide advice and supply the following range of products that are suited to the specific needs in your projects:

  • Bed linen ranging from our 200 and 300 thread count percale, 400 (Egyptian cotton) and 600 thread count sateen fabrics plus a pure linen. Our focus on natural fibres and the resultant comfort for your clients is reflected in the pure cotton and pure linen fabrics that we source.
  • Bedding that complements our range of fabrics – from duvets and pillows to throws and protectors.
  • Towelling products that are ideally suited for your clients’ needs either as individuals or the hospitality industry from a durability and colour fastness perspective.
  • Table linen for your clients’ dining rooms.
  • For all of these products above we are able to customise to your specific needs though sizing, colour, design and embroidery. We are also able to package your orders per room to make unpacking and sorting easier for you during installation.
  • Our fabrics and products are tested in laboratories and are also designed to ensure that your clients experience a good fit as well as a long life span with our products supplied.
  • As a Designer or Decorator you qualify for our trade prices and this enables you to mark-up these products to your client.
  • You can provide your clients with a complete solution for their décor needs in their homes and businesses by ensuring that their bed, bath and table linen compliments the décor solution that you have provided.

In addition to the products that we manufacture and supply we are also able to help you with all the necessary information your clients require to maintain the textile products in their laundry to ensure the longest possible life span of these products.

Brigitte Hills Interiors

Brigitte Hills says:...Linen Drawer is always very obliging when you make special requests. Excellent... Genuine quality without the extravagant price...!

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2B Interiors

Brech Kamstra says:Thank you for the good service and good quality!

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Tracy Mills Interiors

Tracey Mills says:…superb quality linen & towels at extremely affordable prices...

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Chateau Chez

Cheryl Mengel says:... Linen has proved to be of excellent quality and exceptional value.

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Dear Zania Interiors

Zania Grobbelaar says:Thank you Linen Drawer for treating with such special and exquisite linen!
I love buying your bedding for my clients and the fact that you can custom make it. Linen Drawer has given me such great service! I adore working with Hazel and Jeff, your agent.

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Kim Aitken says:... Thank you Linen Drawer.

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Sarah Ord Interiors

Sarah Ord says:“Linen Drawer have consistently provided high end product for us over the years.  We have used 100% luxury linen as bed linen, some of the high thread counts for everything from table linen to bedrooms.  Our clients, both residential and hospitality, have loved the price, the quality and the quick turnaround on orders”

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Trish Strydom

Trish Strydom says:..I really appreciate the products and quick, efficient service from your company...

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Bona Fide Decorators may qualify for TRADE prices.